Dying, Bleaching, Shaving, Growing: My Hair Journey

According to MTV, colourful hair is slowly becoming more and more acceptable by society – and why not? It’s such a fashion statement, but fashion is short-livedand always changing. This article inspired me to write about my own hair journey, from 2010 to 2017, the good and the bad, the bleached and the dyed, the shaved and the roots.

One of my most prominent memories of my adolesence is the excitement of the first time I got my hair dyed – I got it done professionally at a fancy hairdressers, and as was en vogue in 2010, I got it in a cherry red like Cheryl Cole. I remember running out of the salon to my mum’s car after paying, my blow-dried hair bouncing on my back and the smell of ammonia filling my lungs as I panted.

Thirteen year-old Kitty invents the selfie via a Nintendo DSi.

I’ve been dying my hair since I was thirteen, partially due to the heavy scene/emo influences in my childhood. I just love the excitement of drying the hair and watching it magically change colour from almost-black to a bright wash of colour. Of course, with my naturally dark brown hair, there’s not many bright options for me unless I jumped the shark and bleached it. For a while, I just sufficed with box dyes and relying on the sunlight to show off the colour as it progressively got darker from the build up of pigment.

My natural colour really limited my creativity. Again, DSi photo.

After layering box dye after box dye, my hair started to become a colour that no one could accurately describe. Sometimes it looked red-brown, other times it look purple-black-brown, other times it just looked plain black. This is probably the time I hated my hair the most because I couldn’t experiment as much as I wanted to. Plus, the layered style was starting to get super dated. Then came my biggest mistake ever…

Ombré hair started to really catch on, and because I had little experimentation and a lot of naivety about bright hair colours, I asked my small-town hairdresser for an ombré that faded from my natural dark brown to bright pink – fade being the operative word. Although I showed a picture of EXACTLY what I wanted, I didn’t quite get what I asked for…

kill me.jpg
I tried to pull it off, but I just couldn’t.

Yeah. So not only was my hair damaged beyond repair, but I paid ninety euro to look like I was too lazy to do my roots. Not to mention the colour faded super fast, so I ended up with frizzy orange hair and dark roots. That was probably the moment I hated my hair the most, I never went to a salon for hair dye after this. So I did the logical thing by chopping off my destroyed locks and going PLATINUM BLONDE. This is where my journey starts to get really fun.

Colourful period, 2013 – 2014

I finally got my moment of experimentation! Not to mention, this period of my life did coincide with the time I was coming to terms with my bisexuality, and what coming out to people would mean. It’s such a common trope for women questioning their sexuality to cut and dye their hair, but it really did help me accept myself for who I was. I didn’t get the best attention from my small town though, I was called homophobic slurs almost every day I went out in public. As a result of this, I admitted defeat and dyed my hair back and began to grow it out so I didn’t have to feel so visible in public.


I really wasn’t happy though. I mean, the natural colour was nice because there was very little maintenance and it went with all my clothes, but I definitely missed painting a thick mixture of pigment and conditioner onto my hair and watching it slowly change colour. So, yesterday, after two and a half years…


I took the plunge and dyed it purple! I actually really love it a lot more than I was expecting to, I used Hot Purple by Crazy Colour all over my hair after bleaching it a bit with Bleach London’s Balayage Kit. I was really scared initially, but I’ve learned a lot since I began to do my hair at home.

My hair has always been important and essential to how I look, it’s a key form of self expression for me. What do you do with your hair? Have you been through a similar journey to me? Let me know down below!