My “Desert Island” Products

I’ve often considered the hypothetical apocalyptic scenario of suddenly ending up on a desert island with only my bare essentials – phone, makeup, moisturiser, and of course, a knife and combat boots for practicality. For my own sake, I decided to create a list of my absolute necessities for what I would consider my minimal full face. I hope this situation doesn’t become a reality because of how many products I would miss back at home!

Concealer/colour corrector: I just can’t live without it, I look almost dead without the brightness concealer adds to my face. Don’t get me wrong, I love foundation too but concealer is an essential purse item that I use every day. I would pack my two favourite Urban Decay concealers in Fair Neutral and Pink (for colour correcting my dark circles). However, nowadays I’m using the Collection Concealer in Fair because I’m on a student budget and I had to compromise with one of my re-purchases, but I find it amazing as a more affordable option.

Brow pomade: specifically, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade in Ash Brown. My eyebrows have never looked better than they do with this product. Anastasia has really hit the jackpot with this creamy, waterproof formula with an amazing amount of pigment from a tiny scrape. This stuff just doesn’t come off unless you want it to. Plus, it could double as gel eyeliner since the shade I use is quite a dark brown.

Mascara: my natural lashes are similar to Asian lashes, dark, straight and can never hold a curl without some help. My daily routine involves around thirty seconds of a heated eyelash curler (at a reasonable temperature) before lashings of Benefit’s Rollerlash. I have other mascaras that I use, but Rollerlash is by far my favourite mascara. It lifts, holds a curl and separates like nothing I’ve tried before. Normally I would urge everyone not to spend more than twenty euro on mascara since it goes off after three months, but the Rollerlash is my guilty pleasure.

Highlighter: not a must for many others, but a must for me! I’m not exactly sure why, but contour always ends up looking like a muddy mess on my checks and forehead even when done professionally. I prefer the idea of exaggerating my high points by covering them in highlighting powder rather than carving and re-shaping what I might be insecure about to change my face entirely. For this purpose, I would take my Mary Lou-manizer by the Balm but I have two other highlighting kits at my disposal for real life situations. I love the pale champagne-gold sheen it gives my skin, although it’s super pigmented, it’s very difficult to go overboard with. Definitely packing a highlighter anyway!

Lipstick: if you’ve ever seen me without makeup, you already know why I wear lipstick every day. The natural colour of my lips is so light and skin-like, I constantly look like I forgot to wipe my concealer from them à la 2010. My holy grail lip colour is Faux by MAC, it’s moisturising enough to wear all day and the colour is exactly how my lips would look if I was blessed with natural pigmentation and sheen. It also has pretty amazing staying power for a satin lipstick, so it’s an all-around winner.

Setting spray: I mean, deserts are arid and heat plus makeup does not normally return a good result. My go-to for regular days in Ireland is Chill Setting Spray by Urban Decay as it locks my makeup in place without drying out my skin or compromising my highlighter. I’ve never experienced a desert island climate though, so maybe I’d have to swap out for the All Nighter.

So there are my six essential products for a disastrous situation! Do you have any products that you would take no matter what? Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet telling me!

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