2017 Releases: Too Faced

After scouring what seems like dozens of press releases, blog posts, Instagram sneak peeks and beauty forums, I’ve come to the conclusion that the explosion of makeup as a consumer product is not slowing down anytime soon. Since there is such a pile of new releases coming for just this spring, I thought I’d shorten the list down to a few favorite brands of mine and collections that are really pumping me up for Spring/Summer 2017. This post will focus solely on Too Faced’s products this year.

Although Too Faced is a wonderful brand, I am not normally impressed by their newer releases aside from the Sweet Peach Palette, which I am begging for as my birthday gift. Anyhow, Too Faced recently advertised some new products hitting the shelves for the summer on their Instagram story, check them out!

source: instagram.com/toofaced (story screenshot – this picture has since expired). Image via allure.com

I am immediately drawn to the packaging of the highlighters, which is basically their 16HR Love Flush packaging but chrome and metallic – sign me up for that rose gold shade at the top there anyway! I would have thought more colours would have come out though – the highlighter trend has already been beaten to death last year, what’s the difference with Too Faced’s basic looking version? I would have loved to see a true lavender or mint highlight that looked like a wet sheen rather than a glitter bomb. I would have spent my hard earned cash on a bubblegum blue and a candyfloss purple highlighter! I’m a bit disappointed at how basic the shades are for a unique and fun brand like Too Faced.

The next thing that draws me in is the liquid lipsticks – again, slightly late on the trend there, Too Faced. I really like that light nude shade in the middle, and the proceeding colours have a decent light to dark shade range – but what’s with the random dark teal and light fuschia? It doesn’t really fit with the other colours they’re releasing, it would have made more sense to release them with other fun shades like a neon raspberry and a vibrant orange. They just look out of place and uncoordinated with the spring mood of the picture. I’m sure the colours themselves are lovely, the fuschia says “festival” to me, but that teal does not scream “summer” – more like “the depths of the Atlantic during a Connemara winter”.

Now onto the palette – the outer packaging is appealing, it reminds me of my aunt who has a fabric couch with a similar floral pattern on it. However, I don’t judge a palette by it’s packaging, so let’s look at the preview that Too Faced creator, Jerrod Blandino posted on his Instagram.

image source: instagram.com/jerrodblandino

I mean… it’s certainly natural.

Bland and boring, but apparently natural according to Too Faced. Allure’s article calls this palette a ‘mature moment’ for Too Faced, which I believe is code for nothing noteworthy. Allure also suggested greens and olives could have been a great addition to this palette, which I would have loved to see.

It seems like the only colours that exist naturally here are pinks, purples, golds and some dark browns with maybe some dark glitter shades which, if we go by Too Faced’s track records with dark glitter colours, will probably not have a whole lot of pigment to speak of – which in the world of Instagram makeup, kind of renders it useless for dramatic looks. I suppose that’s the point of the palette though. Saying that, it seems there’s only one type of “natural look” being marketed here. A lot of these shades would not flatter darker skin tones either, almost a third of the palette would look ashy on anyone deeper than a NC40 skintone.

I don’t see how you could get a lot of unique looks out of this that aren’t rosy, metallic, neutral or smokey – Pink Cheeks and Poodle basically look the same in the pan, so they most likely won’t look super different on the eye. With such a large amount of shades, you’d think they would be more creative. If neutral pinks and mauves are your jam, then you may like this, but this is almost an extended version of the “Tartelette: In Bloom” palette by Tarte, which is already a trusted cult favourite in the beauty world.

In conclusion, I’m not really excited for these products except for maybe that rose gold highlighter if it turns out to be shiny instead of glittery. I’ll be saving my money and my heartbreak for other more satisfying releases in the rest of the year.


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